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Thinking About Pleading Guilty? You May Want to Think Again

It may be tempting after an arrest to enter a guilty plea in hopes of a lighter sentence and a quick resolution to your ordeal. You want to move on with your life, maybe avoid paying some legal fees, and think that entering a plea is the answer to your current legal problems.

However, a guilty plea may lead to more problems than the ones you are facing now. Make no mistake, pleading guilty will result in a criminal conviction, and a conviction can have a profound and lasting effect on your future. While you may be able to leave the courthouse after a guilty plea, you may not be able to leave behind the impact of your choice.

Consequences of Accepting a Guilty Plea

If you plead guilty to an offence, this means that you might have a criminal record and may have to serve a jail sentence. Having a criminal record can substantially interfere with your freedom in several significant ways, including:

  • Limiting or prohibiting your ability to travel to other countries.
  • Depriving you of certain employment opportunities and the chance to make a living in your desired occupation. Many jobs require you reveal whether you have ever been found guilty of a criminal offence. If you plead guilty, you may have to answer “yes” to such questions.
  • Affecting your ability to lawfully stay in the country and your citizenship status.
  • Increasing the penalties you will face if you are charged with another crime at some point in the future.

Because pleading guilty has several profound effects on a person’s life, it is critical to consult with an experienced criminal defence lawyer who can provide you strategic advice concerning how to achieve the best possible resolution to your matter before entering a guilty plea.

There May Be a Better Way Out. A Defence Lawyer Can Help.

Things may look bleak to you, and your belief that you have little or no chance of mounting a successful defence may be one of the factors leading you to consider pleading guilty. However, a skilled criminal defence lawyer may see things differently and can use their skill and experience to develop a defence strategy that may result in a more favourable result than simply entering a guilty plea at the outset of your case. By providing a vigorous defence and pointing out weaknesses in the Crown’s case, it may be possible get the charges reduced or dismissed, helping you avoid a criminal record and potential jail time or other penalties altogether.

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