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Theft Lawyer Brampton

Theft is the act of taking something that doesn’t belong to you without the permission of the owner. That something can include property, money, or any other kind of possession. Theft may be a physical act, such as taking something from a home or business, or it may happen through more surreptitious means such as fraud or online scams.

Under Canadian law, there are different degrees of theft, each of which carries with it different consequences. For the theft of money or property worth less than $5000, it is sometimes possible to divert the charge and avoid a criminal record through community service, a charitable donation, or participation in some type of counseling or other program. This is particularly true for first-time offenders. More serious cases are prosecuted through complex criminal justice proceedings, often culminating in a trial and, if convicted, the possibility of a jail sentence.

Additionally, if you are charged with theft of money or property from your employer or others with whom you have a relationship, such thefts are known as “breach of trust” thefts and are taken very seriously by the Crown Prosecutors. If you are found guilty of a “breach of trust” theft, there is a considerable likelihood of incarceration, not to mention the significant negative impact on your ability to find future employment.

If you are facing charges of theft or another property crime—no matter how minor the charge, and no matter whether you have a prior criminal record—you need to retain an experienced criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible so that they can help you understand your rights and develop the best strategy for your defence. A skilled criminal defence lawyer will have the knowledge and expertise to present the best possible defence at trial, explore the possibility of a plea bargain, or even persuade the Crown Attorney to withdraw the charges altogether. When facing a criminal charge, your reputation, your record, your freedom, and your future are all at stake. The sooner you seek legal advice, the sooner your criminal defence lawyer can begin crafting the strongest case for you.

Since 1996, the law firm of Mitch Engel, Barrister & Solicitor has been providing clients throughout the Oshawa, Brampton, and Mississauga areas with top-level criminal defence representation, including the representation of individuals charged with theft. Mitch focuses exclusively on criminal law and his extensive experience has given him excellent insight and strategic instincts about how to prepare and present the best possible defence in each unique case. His commitment to integrity, his passion and professionalism, and his excellent track record have earned him the respect of clients, colleagues, and courts throughout the Toronto area. A strong and zealous advocate, Mitch Engel stays available to his clients 24/7 and works on a block fee basis, meaning that his clients pay an initial retainer, which is then applied toward a fee for his services. He understands that his clients are making an investment in him, and works tirelessly to earn their trust and provide the advice and guidance they need. Call Mitch at (866) 761-7077 to get the legal advice you need to reclaim your life.