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Arrested While Visiting Toronto This Summer? How I Can Help

Criminal Defence for Visitors and Tourists

Summer is here, which means that tourists and visitors from across Canada and from around the world are coming to Toronto to experience all that this great city has to offer. But if your visit sees you spending the night in a jail cell rather than a hotel room, your fun times can come to a crashing halt. Getting arrested when you’re visiting another city, province, or country puts a whole new spin on the phrase “tourist trap.” Being taken into police custody is unpleasant and scary when you’re in your own hometown; experiencing an arrest while you’re on vacation or on a business trip is potentially terrifying.

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal defence while visiting Toronto or the surrounding areas, there’s no question you need a lawyer with experience defending out-of-town visitors. In my criminal defence practice, I frequently represent people who live outside the Toronto area in all types of misdemeanor and felony cases, including alcohol-related fighting, damaging property (criminal mischief), shoplifting, impaired driving, “Over 80,” domestic violence, drug possession, sex offences, and numerous other matters.

Why You Need a Lawyer Right Away

It’s critically important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest. This is especially true if you’re far from home and arrested while visiting Toronto. I can stop the police from questioning you and prevent you from making any self-incriminating statements.

It’s also vital to have a lawyer before your bail hearing. Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, anyone charged with a criminal offence is presumed innocent until proven guilty and cannot be denied reasonable bail without just cause; you will receive a bail hearing within 24 hours of the charge.

The main purpose of a bail hearing is to examine the seriousness of the charges and determine whether you are fit to be released back in the community on a bail release, otherwise known as a “judicial interim release.” If the Crown determines that the charge is not particularly heinous and that you aren’t a flight risk, it will set a bail fee – which varies widely based on the charge – that someone must be willing to put up before they are released.

Additionally, you may tempted to enter a guilty plea in order to put your ordeal behind you as quickly as possible.However, it is important to understand that before you enter a guilty plea, you are making a decision that can have a profound and lasting impact on your future. While you may be able to leave the courthouse after a guilty plea, you may not be able to leave behind the impact of your choice. A criminal defence lawyer explain your legal rights and options as well as inform you of the consequences that accompany the various courses of action available to you.

How I Can Help

Criminal charges put your life on hold, whether you’re arrested at home or in another city or province. When you’re charged with a crime in a distant jurisdiction, it can take an enormous toll. Calling a local criminal defence lawyer who knows how to protect your rights and your freedom is the first step you can take to getting on with your trip — and your life.

Since 1996, the law firm of Mitch Engel, Barrister & Solicitor has been providing clients throughout the Toronto, Oshawa, Brampton, and Mississauga areas with top-level criminal defence representation. Mitch Engel understands what acceptable police conduct is and will fight to protect you against actions that violate your rights. With an exclusive focus on criminal defence, he has keen insight into successful defence strategies and is passionate about helping his clients achieve the best possible resolution to their matters. Call Mitch Engel at (866) 761-7077 to get the legal advice you need to reclaim your life.

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