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Mitch Engel

“I think I always wanted to be a criminal lawyer,” says Mitch Engel. “I have always been committed to fighting for other people’s rights, and I am passionate about strong and effective representation.”

Mitch Engel, Brampton Criminal Lawyer

Mitch Engel, Brampton Criminal Lawyer

He was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1993, and since then, Mitch has spent nearly two decades in the field of criminal defence. Today, he has firmly established himself as one of the most effective criminal defence lawyers in the province of Ontario.

Mitch Engel began his legal career with a small Toronto law firm. He learned early in his career that a successful practice requires not only expertise, but respect and compassion for clients. Mitch believes that his clients deserve nothing less than his best efforts, no matter the charges and no matter how simple or complex the case may be.

In 1996, Mitch stepped out on his own, opening the law office of Mitch Engel, Barrister & Solicitor. Since then, he has devoted himself to defending his clients throughout the Oshawa, Brampton, and Mississauga areas in any type of criminal case, from shoplifting and petty theft to white collar crimes and murder investigations. Unlike some law firms that are best described as general practitioners, Mitch focuses exclusively on criminal law, and this enables him to provide an exceptional level of defence for his clients. His focus has allowed him to remain current with the newest developments in the Canadian legal system, and his extensive experience has given him excellent insight and strategic instincts about how to prepare and present the best possible defence in each unique case.

Mitch Engel also knows that a vital part of the success of any criminal lawyer is having the respect of others in the legal community. His commitment to integrity and his excellent track record have earned him the respect of clients, colleagues, and courts throughout the Toronto area. His excellent rapport with Crown prosecutors and judges enables him to negotiate with the government on behalf of his clients. “Given that so many cases are resolved before going to trial, it is to a client’s benefit to have a lawyer that gets along with and is respected by Crown Attorneys,” Mitch explains. Both inside and outside the courtroom, Mitch is committed to being a strong but professional advocate for his clients. He explores every possible avenue for resolving a case, whether that means identifying evidence that should be excluded from court, exploring the possibility of a plea bargain, or arguing for his client’s acquittal before a jury. In every case, his goal is to present the strongest available defence.

Mitch Engel stays available to his clients 24/7, and is committed to clear communication with a client at every stage of the case. He works on a block fee basis, meaning that his clients pay an initial retainer, which is then applied toward a fee for his services. He understands that his clients are making an investment in him, and works tirelessly to earn that trust and provide the advice and guidance they need.

As he enters his third decade of legal practice, Mitch Engel remains motivated by the cause that drew him into the legal world in the first place—the need to help others. “I treat each client as though they were my first. I am still humble, eager, and always striving to do the best I can for my clients.” Call Mitch Engel today to find out how he can help you.